Shocking: Drunk Man Bites Snake Into Pieces!

6 May, 2020 09:21 IST

KARNATAKA: In a very bizarre incident, an apparently drunk construction worker bit off the skin of a viper. The incident took place in Kolar of Karnataka. The man identified as Kumar was returning home from a liquor store at around 11 am on Tuesday.

He ran over the snake with his bike. Immediately, he tossed the snake around his neck and continued to ride. He stopped after going some distance and started biting the snake into pieces.

Villagers gathered and were shocked to see the man biting the reptile. Police reached the spot after 30 minutes. By then, the snake had died. Kumar speaking to a daily said that the snake has troubled him earlier as well and he lost his temper when it came under the wheel on Tuesday morning.

He further added that sighting and killing snakes was a very common phenomenon in the village. Kumar said that nothing will happen to him.

In Karnataka many untoward incidents reported as the liquor shops had re-opened. People flouted the rules of social distancing and stood in long queues in front of the liquor stores.

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