Lockdown Tales: 4 Migrant Workers On 1,600-km Bicycle Journey From AP To Agra

26 Apr, 2020 20:50 IST|Sakshi
: 4 Migrant Workers 1,600 Kms Bicycle Journey From AP To Agra

VIJAYAWADA: The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has paralysed the whole country and much of the world as well. The sudden shutdown has thrown up a host of challenges as many people were caught unaware of what was to come to after the Janta Curfew and the lockdown from March 25. People have been stranded in different places and are fighting a battle to stay afloat in these adverse conditions. The worst hit are the migrant workers who have relocated to various parts of the country from their hometowns.

One such story is that of four migrant workers from Agra who had settled in the city of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Sheer desperation to return home made them embark on a journey on bicycles to reach home at Agra.

Agra is more than 1,600 km from Vijayawada, but the youth were determined to face all hardships to reach home as they were running out of money.

They were found peddling their bicycles on the outskirts of Vijayawada and when asked as to where they were headed during this lockdown period, they said they wanted to return home and be with their families. They had packed all their essentials and with a smile on their face and kerchiefs tied to their necks, they headed for a long journey back home.

A problem faced by many migrant workers is that they run out of money in hand and survival becomes difficult despite help from the governments. The desperation makes them do anything to return home and join their families.

The lockdown has witnessed large migrant immigration from across the states, some of whom were seen walking on foot, cycling, hitchhiking, some even trying to escape in milk containers and ambulances.

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Predominantly from Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha , these migrant labourers have shown immense grit and strength to get out of this situation, despite the governments assurances to stay put where they are. Some stories have a happy ending while some don't, but we hope that these four men reach home safe and sound...

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