Districts To Be Divided  Into 3 Categories: Health Ministry

15 Apr, 2020 19:38 IST|Sakshi
Healh Ministry joint Secretary Lav Agarwal

NEW DELHI: To contain the spread of coronavirus, the Health Ministry on Wednesday had taken a decision to divide the districts in the country into three categories depending on the number of cases in each district. These categories are classified as Hotspots, non-hotspots and green zones. Districts with a large number of cases are categorized as hotspots and the districts with fewer COVID-19 cases considered as non-hostspots and the coronavirus free districts will be considered as green zones.

Health Ministry declared 170 districts as hotspots and 207 as non-hotspots as PTI quoted.

While addressing a press conference, Ministry of health Joint secretary Luv Agarwal said that the decision to categorise districts in to hotspots, non-hotspots and green zone was taken so that the officials can tackle the spread of COVID-19 efficiently.

This development came a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended the lockdown in the country till May 3.

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