PUBG Earns 20 Crores Every day

25 Mar, 2019 19:50 IST|Sakshi

PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Ground has become a familiar name among youth circles for how engaging the game is and among the parent generation for how engaged their younger generation is with the game. The game has gotten its fair share of media coverage in the recent past, thanks to people who take their addiction to the next level and harm themselves or others in the bargain.

While people are trying to make time out of their daily scheduled money earning jobs, to play the game, it seems like the makers of PUBG themselves are enjoying its huge profits. According to super-data, the game company had earned $1 billion in the year 2018 which comes up to over Rs7,000 crore in Indian rupees. That makes its daily earnings to Rs 20 Crore per day. The craze for the game has not seen a fall out since its inception so we don’t doubt that the money is also going only upwards and nowhere else.

More interestingly these figures are from users on gaming consoles and computers, X-boxes and ps4, and it does not include the Mobile. According to reports PUBG mobile had earned $ 32.5 million in the month of November 2018, which comes up to around Rs 230 Crore.

With that as a monthly number, PUBG Mobile earns a daily revenue of Rs 28 crore per day, meaning to say PUBG makes over Rs 1 crore per hour.

It’s high time we got off the game if we wanted to achieve numbers 1/10 its size.

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