Bihar Illegal Liquor Sales, Supply On Rise Despite Ban: Survey

6 Dec, 2018 21:14 IST|Sakshi
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The total liquor ban in the state of Bihar was brought about in the year 2016. But there are many instances across the state where the ban is being breached and liquor sales are seen. Even as Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is trying very hard to implement total ban, it has its share of failures.

In the recent times, 100 bottles of liquor were found at a government office indicating that officials from the government are supporting it. In a survey conducted by an NGO many things have come to light regarding the liquor ban in the state of Bihar. According to the survey, people are not happy with this move by the government.

As per police records since the liquor ban in April 2016 till November 20, 2018 almost 1.34 lakh people have been arrested and 39.62 litres of liquor was seized.

Also, 33 police officials have been suspended from services in cases of liquor ban. The survey conducted by the NGO “Jan ki baat” also found that people think the government and the officials have completely failed in the implementation of total ban.

According to the survey, more than 65% of people think that government has failed in carrying out the ban and 12.44% think the ban should not have happened in the first place.

CEO and founder of the NGO, Pradeep Bhandari said a total of 3500 people were included in the survey which was conducted in the districts of Samastipur, Muzafarpur, Vaishali, Madhubani, Begusarai, Patna and Darbhanga.

He added "The main reason for the survey was to find the opinion of the common man on the liquor ban and the impact of ban on the people.

One third of people, who participated in the survey said the ban is detrimental to Nitish Kumar in the coming elections and a total of 58.72% of the people are unhappy with the ban by government.

The survey also stated that the lower sections of the society are most hit because of the ban. The survey even pointed discovered that the illegal sale of liquor was on rise and had become an industry in itself and many people have their livelihoods because of the liquor ban.

Leader from the opposition party Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Bhai Veerender said in spite of the ban on liquor, the sales were going on and on a massive large scale. He even challenged that in every village and town of Bihar the liquor sales was going on as usual.

Responding on the liquor ban, JD(U) spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said that because of the poor are saving the money earlier spent on liquor. Women from the villages are very happy with this move.

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