Customer Gets Marbles Instead of Oneplus 6 After Online Purchase

29 Jun, 2018 15:30 IST|Sakshi
When Manas Saxena unboxed the parcel, he was shocked to see pieces of marble instead of the phone

Man Get Marbles Instead of Oneplus 6 After Online Purchase: Online sale of smarphones and flash sales are very common on ecommerce sites. There's a lot of craze surrounding new smartphones with brands like Xiaomi, One Plus, Nokia and Samsung vying with each other to grab consumer's attention with best features.

The latest smartphone to have grabbed everyone's attention is certainly Oneplus 6. The phone has registered record sales within no time and being sold as hot cakes. Advanced features has made it a competitor to apple iphones.

The phone which was launched a month ago has got millions of buyers in a short span of time.

A Delhi man ordered for a OnePlus 6 phone online for his mother and paid Rs 34,999 through his debit card on May 27. He even spoke to the customer care e-commerce site to deliver the phone early so that he can surprise his mother Yojana Saxena who is an interior designer. Manas Saxena (24) received a call from the delivery boy the very next day regarding the order.

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Manas who was overwhelmed by the quickness of the service thanked the boy for delivering the phone within in a day. When he unboxed the parcel, he was shocked to see pieces of marble instead of the phone. Saxena soon called up the customer care number of the site and raised a complaint after which he was asked to attach the pictures of the box so they can investigate the matter. They also assured him to refund the money if it was their fault.

After a month of probe, the customer care called Saxena and said that they cannot refund the money as it was not their fault. Later when Manas and Yojana checked the parcel, they found that it was tampered. Suspecting the local delivery centre, Manas lodged a complaint with the Delhi police.

A cheating case was registered by the police and the investigation is underway.

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