Murderers Throw Youth’s Chopped Head Into Police Station

11 May, 2017 12:44 IST|Sakshi
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Chennai: An unidentified gang threw the severed head of a youth inside the Reddypalayam police station in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday night.

Later police found a torso which was dumped in a lake near Bahoor village in Puducherry. On examining the torso and severed head, police identified the youth as Swethan. He was a rowdy-sheeter and also worked as an informer to the police. He would give information about the criminal gangs that must have killed him, police said. "Swethan was released on bail on a criminal case a few days ago and was found dead," a police officer said.

Police suspected that he might have been killed by the criminal gang for giving information about them.

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