Savyasachi Movie Review: This Is A Winning Horse!

2 Nov, 2018 10:18 IST|Sakshi
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Savyasachi Movie Review: Savyasachi is one of the most anticipated movies this year not because of the hype surrounding the film but also because of the concept of the film and the actor-director combo. This Telugu flick has another plus—an impressive star cast including the likes of Naga Chaitanya, R Madhavan, Nidhi Agerwal and Vennela kishore. The US premieres were held last night and the reviews have been positive.

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The film opened in theatres across India this morning. And those who watched the early shows are going ga ga over the film. Wonder what is it that makes this film so compelling to watch? Read on to find out...

Savyasachi theme: The film revolves around a unique concept of vanishing twin syndrome which has never been explored in Indian cinema till date. At least not that I have heard of. And for a South Indian director to come up with such a unique offering is noteworthy. However, when in films, medical cases deserve a special treatment given that mere jargonistic dialogues would make a viewer yawn, literally! So how has the director treated the subject? Does Chandoo Mondeti manage to keep the audience hooked from scene one till the climax? You are about to find out. Get ready...

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Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Nidhi Agerwal, R Madhavan, Bhumika Chawla, Vennela Kishore

Director: Chandoo Mondeti

Music: MM Keeravani

Producers: Mythri Movie makers

Savyasachi Movie Review:

Ambidextrous, that's what Savyasachi is all about. The film is based on a twin brother who is absorbed by Chay's character in the womb and controls his left hand. It is called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. how has the movie fared? Read on...

The striking thing about the movie is undoubtedly Chaitanya who has never been seen in this avatar before. The concept is unique and Chay agreeing to work in the film was indeed a huge risk in his career. But he perhaps knew he could pull it off. So Chay fans must be thrilled on seeing their hero unleash his full potential in Savyasachi. Even though Madhavan plays an antagonist, the director has made both the characters equally powerful. The baddie is as important as the villain to make this film work.

The introduction of characters is a killer. The way the characters have been established leaves an impression on the audience and leave them asking for more by the intreval bang. The first half is a breeze. It's in the second half, the real war begins and one would just go in awe of Chay's character. He's just outdone himself in his role and so has Madhavan. The only grouse that the audience might have could be the love angle which feels weak. But the love line is overshadowed and overpowered by the main concept of the film. Nidhi Agerwal is good for a debutante while Bhumika is as good as ever. Vennela Kishore's performance provides comic relief. The interval bang is the best. The remake song is a visual treat for Akkineni songs. Climax of course is a revelation and most unexpected. The director has brilliantly treated the concept and sure has a winner in his hand with Savyasachi.


Chai-maddy scenes


Action sequences



Songs are so so

Chai-Nidhi chemistry

Verdict: A must watch film this weekend. For all those waiting for a Telugu film to set a new benchmark in terms of concept, Savyasachi it is! Go watch it.

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