Movie Review: Chuttalabbayi

20 Aug, 2016 11:48 IST|Sakshi
Actors Namitha Pramod and Aadi

Film: Chuttalabbayi

Director: Veerabhadram

Cast: Aadi, Namitha Pramod, Sai Kumar

Music: S Thaman

Producer: Venkat Talari, Ramu Talluri

The movie ‘Chuttalabbayi’ is pivotal for both filmmaker Veerabhadram and actor Aadi as they both are seeing a low phase in their career. The director has chosen his time- tested style terrain ‘comedy’ and has bounced back after the debacle of his last outing ‘Bhai’ starring Nagarjuna.

Well! Let’s check out whether the movie has given a score to Aadi and Veerabhadram.

Aadi perfectly fits into the bill as Recovery Babji meets Kavya (Namitha Pramod). Incidentally, Kavya who has differences with her brother, played by Abhimanyu Singh. He thinks that Babji and his sister (Kavya) are in love and are planting to elope. Meanwhile, Kavya who perceives danger from her family, runs away and during this course, gets to meet do-gooder Babji, who comes to her rescue and takes her to his village.

As expected Babji and Kavya fall in love and Abhimnayu and some other goons attack Babji’s family. How Babji makes his family come out of the problem and how he marries Kavya is the story line.

A still from the film


The first half of the film is engaging as Prudhvi’s comic acts leave you in splits. While,it’s the second half that tests your patience which has gone completely haywire. Only Aadi’s action packed scenes arouse interest for a while. Writer tries to infuse punch dialogues like ‘Pakshiki goodu, magadiki thodu avasaram’, but they fail to boost up the film

Sai Kumar and Aadi play father-son for the first time but, they fail to lift up the film. Similarly, director has put too many characters like Posani, Vamsi Krishna, Chammak Chandra who play thei part well but leaving only perfunctory presence.

Aadi has made good screen presence and debutante Namitha did a decent job. Thaman’s music tried to pump in freshness to the film


The movie tries to evoke laughter here and there, but lacks novelty. There is no freshness as the filmmaker has used worn-out formula.

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