Movie Review: Bahubali - THE MOSTEST

10 May, 2017 16:52 IST|Sakshi
Taking Telugu cinema to unimaginable heights

Title: Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Genre: Fantasy action drama

Cast: Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Tamannaah, Ramya Krishna, Satyaraj

Music: MM Keeravani

Direction: SS Rajamouli

Producers: Shobhu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni

Finally, the most awaited film is here. And, it not only not disappointed the countless eager fans, but it also showed that this magnum opus is bigger, better and far beyond expectations.

There are more emotions, more drama, more intense display of histrionics and more magical camera moments and out-of-the-world graphic work. Bahubali 1 was only the beginning and Bahubali 2 is the crescendo, the pinnacle. Everything about the film is superlative.


The part 1 ends with Bahubali being anointed king. The second part begins with queen mother Sivagami sending Bahubali on a study tour of the countryside. He is accompanied by Mr Faithful Kattappa. During the course of his travels, Bahubali falls for Devasena, the princess of Kuntala. He stays in Kuntala kingdom to win her over. In the meanwhile, wily Bhallala too lusts for the same girl. He moves in fast and before Bahubali reveals his mind to Sivagami, he tells her that he wants to marry Devasena. Sivagami sends gifts to Devasena and seeks her hand for Bhallala. An unsuspecting Bahubali and Kattappa believe that Sivagami and wants to give her in marriage to Bahubali and bring her to Mahishmati.

However, on coming to Mahishmati, they realize that Sivagami had other plans and Bahubali fiercely resists her. An angry Sivagami unseats him as the king and appoints Bhallala in his place. Later, Bahu and Devasena are thrown out of the palace. They live as commoners and win the hearts and minds of the people.

Realising that he cannot get acceptance from the people as long as Bahubali is alive, Bhallala and his father Bijjala Deva plot against the former and get him killed by Kattappa. How Sivagami realizes that her son conned her and how Mahendra Bahubali wreaks vengeance forms the story.


This film entirely belongs to Prabhas and Rana. Both vied with one another in excelling. One cannot think of anyone else in Bahubali’s role other than Prabhas. He demonstrates his full range of action, emotion and romance. His dedication and hard work is all too visible in every frame.

Rana as wily, rapacious and seething pretender to throne is apt. His very presence oozes villainy and he matches step for step with Prabhas in the display of dark emotions. Ramya Krishna as Raj Matha dishes out a great performance. She elevates the film to newer heights with her histrionics. Anushka plays a very key role with great aplomb. If she is deglamorized in the first part, she is an epitome of beauty and performance in Part 2. Tamannah is limited to the climax. Nassar as Bijjala Deva, Satyaraj as Kattappa present matue performance.


Rajamouli and his team weave magic on screen and all every department compliments the other. Rajamouli recreates a visual wonder of unforeseen magnitude and leaves the viewer wonder struck. In every frame, there is a surprise. Graphics, visual effects, war drama and emotions leave literally no scope for complaining. Senthil’s cinematography and art work by Saboo Cyril add to the beauty of the films. The VFX department needs to be patted in the back for its wonderful work. Keeravani’s BGM lifts up the film to unattainable heights. Deft editing by K V Rao makes the film racy and pacy. Without doubt, this film will go down in the history as the most towering of all films.


A visual wonder! A great film!! Hollywood watchout!! Here we come!!!

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