Mother forces kids to leave home giving Rs.300 due to indigence, family squabbles

29 Jul, 2016 15:05 IST|Sakshi
Railway employees took the children up and admitted both brother and sister in government homes.

Hyderabad: Unable to bear the daily torture from her alcoholic husband and family squabbles, a woman prompted her two children -- both below 14 years -- to go somewhere else as she feared of their future. The pitiable incident took place on Wednesday in the city.

The children were rescued by Secunderabad Railway Help Desk staff and police when they were spotted loitering in a pitiable condition at the station on Wednesday night and the destitute brother and sister duo was admitted in government homes at Amberpet and Kachiguda.

According to the police, Ankitha, (13), and Ankith, (9), who are doing their schooling in a government school at Chandanagar in the city, were prompted by her mother to leave the home after giving them Rs.300 on Wednesday. After leaving their home, as they did not know where to go, the innocent kids, destitute of parents, were loitering at Secunderabad railway station on the same night, who were spotted by the station Help Desk Manager Sumalatha and some railway police.

When the police asked, the children, to everyone’s surprise, said, their mother, who was fed up with her alcoholic husband, forced them to leave home by giving them Rs.300. Disclosing the reason, the minors said, their father and mother were fighting all the time due to the financial problems. In the process, their despondent mother, at her wits end, fearing of their future not to be spoiled especially by their family squabbles and poverty, prompted them to leave the house and go some where else on Wednesday morning.

Moved by the story, the railway employees took the children up and admitted the brother and sister in Government homes at Amberpet and Kachiguda with the help of police. The police said they would call up the parents of the children and give counseling to them for the reunion of the poor family.

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