Modi Gives Anxious Moments to Security Personnel

7 Feb, 2016 12:37 IST|Sakshi
Modi Gives Anxious Moments to Security Personnel

Puri: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave anxious moments to his security peronnel from the elite Special Protection Group (SPG) during his visit to the famous Jagannath temple in Odisha on Sunday.

On his way to the temple, Modi saw many people lined up near the helipad to get a glimpse of him. He stopped the convoy, got out of the car and stood on the side footrest of the car before waving to the crowd. Though taken aback by this unexpected development they immediately formed a security ring around the Prime Minister.
Several regions in Odisha are considered Maoist strongholds and the Prime Minister's security detail had some anxious moments when he took a ride by standing on the footrest.

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