Migrations from TDP to TRS?

25 Feb, 2014 16:50 IST|Sakshi
Migrations from TDP to TRS?


In the wake of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the political equations in the state are changing fast.

Migrations from one party to another are taking place in full swing.

Several TDP leaders are shifting loyalties and joining TRS eventhough the latter is still to merge into Congress party.

Leaders from some other parties also are trying to join as the party has achieved its final goal of statehood for Telangana region.

Several leaders from Congress and TDP have already joined TRS.

Now, the TDP MLAs, Ratnam and Mahendar Reddy, have turned their eyes towards TRS and soon join it.

Another MLC Narendar Reddy is moving towards joining the party. He is discussing the matter with TRS chief K.Chandrasekhara Rao in Delhi at the moment.

- Sakshipost

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