Medak Bus Mishap: Dead yesterday, alive today

25 Jul, 2014 13:34 IST|Sakshi
Medak Bus Mishap: Dead yesterday, alive today

On Thursday, grieving parents of Darshan Goud aka Dhanush were told that their kid was among the dead in the Medak Bus tragedy. They sank into sorrow and grieved inconsolably. The authorities handed over a body to them. The grieving parents peformed the last rites for the body. 

If Thursday night was an unending nightmare for the parents, Friday brought fresh hopes to them. The authorities informed them that their son Dhanush was alive and was under treatment in the Yashoda Hospital for injuries suffered in the mishap. With spirits soaring, they rushed to the hospital to see the little one alive and out of danger. (Also Read: ''Bhadram Bidda....' 'Bye Amma!!')

The immediate question was who was the boy whom they buried on Thursday? The boy, it emerged, was Dattu. This was informed to Dattu's parents, who were hoping against hope that their boy would be among those being treated in the hospitals. They had already lost their daughter to the accident and weren't prepared for the bad news. The double whammy left them completely shattered. Worse still, they couldn't even get to perform the last rites of their only son. 

For the parents of Dhanush, however, it was re-birth for their son. Incidentally, Friday was Danush' birthday. 


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