Marin, Sindhu Excited About PBL Clash 

30 Dec, 2016 20:28 IST|Sakshi
PV SIndhu and Marin will have face off in the inaugural match of PBL on Sunday

Hyderabad: A keen contest is on the cards when world's top woman shuttler Carolina Marin crosses swords with India's PV Sindhu in the inaugural match of Premier Badminton League (PBL) between Hyderabad Hunters and Chennai Smashers on Sunday.

Marin, who is currently ranked world number two, and Sindhu, ranked six, are excited about the competition in PBL.

"I feel excited to be here in India. I am playing for the home crowd. I hope so many fans can come and support Hyderabad Hunters. I will try to do my best. It is going to be an exciting game against Sindhu. The score is going to be very different. It's my first time with this score. So, every point is going to be important. I will try to do my best to win here," Marin, who plays for Hyderabad Hunters said.

Sindhu said one needs to be alert from the start in the 11-point game format adopted for the tournament.

"I will do my best. She (Marin) is part of Hyderabad Hunters. The crowd is going to be there. The scoring system is going to be different. It's 11 points. From the starting point, we need to be alert and give our best," Sindhu, who plays for Chennai Smashers, said.

"There would not be much time to think in the 11-point game format. So, every point is important. Every team is equally tough. So, it depends on who plays better on that day," Sindhu said.

Marin and Sindhu famously clashed in the Rio Olympics where Marin won the gold and Sindhu bagged the silver.

Replying to a query, Marin said Sindhu is growing up fast and that she had to give her best whenever she played against the Indian.

"I think she is growing up very fast. She is a good player. Whenever I play against Sindhu, it's always a tough match," she said.


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