Man Stored 70 Deadly Snakes in Apartment

27 Dec, 2016 20:59 IST|Sakshi
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The police who ventured into an apartment in Pune city were shocked to find a knot of snakes. There were over 70 highly venomous snakes in boxes and gunny bags. Among them are 41 deadly Russel's Vipers and 31 cobras.

The police, who acted on a complaint by neighbours ventured into the house of 37-year-old Ranjit Kharage. They were shocked to the bone seeing he, his wife and children cohabiting with snakes.

Kharage was keeping the snakes to extracting and selling venom. He and his accomplice were arrested under the relevant provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act.

The police first evicted the inmates and locked the doors on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, they rescued the snakes. The arrested duo were taking the help of snake catchers to get the snakes. They also found that the venom was stored in small bottles.

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