Man Kills His Mother And Sister For Running Prostitution Ring  

27 Sep, 2016 17:10 IST|Sakshi
Police solve double murder in Manesar

Manesar: The Gurgaon police claimed to have resolved the double murder of a woman and her daughter in Manesar after arresting the woman’s son and his two friends on Monday.

According to the police the woman, Sunita, and her daughter Ritika, both residents of Najafgarh in Delhi, were strangulated and shot at by her son, Sumit, along with his friends Dharambir and Pradeep.

The police revealed that Sumit was humiliated by the fact that his mother and sister had been running a prostitution ring and that everyone knew about. He was being taunted about it and called derogatory names as a result of this.

Sumit revealed to the police that he tried to talk his mother and sister out of it but they would not listen to him. He then hatched a plan with his two friends to eliminate them. Sumit convinced his mother and sister to go on a Khatu Shyam Ji temple in Rajasthan along with his friends.

On September 18, Sumit along with mother, sister and two friends left for the temple. Along the way all five of them began to have drinks in the car. Sumit and his friends then strangulated his mother and sister and then shot at them with a country made revolver they procured from a Delhi Police head constable.

After making sure they were dead they dumped the bodies near ITM-Manesar and returned to Najafgarh, where they kept a low profile. The bodies were found by the police on September 19, and as they could not identify them they were eventually cremated.

Curiosity about the police progress into the case got the better of them as Sumit and his two friends returned to Manesar and began asking around. Police soon got wind of this and zeroed in on them and nabbed them.

The trio reportedly confessed to their crimes. The police have seized two country made pistols, two bullets and the car that was used in committing the crime.

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