Man Dies At Pushpagiri Eye Hospital, Relatives Allege Overdose Of Anesthesia

30 Dec, 2016 15:47 IST|Sakshi
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Hyderabad: P. Ravi, 35-year-old photographer, died on Wednesday at Pushpagiri Eye Hospital while undergoing a surgery for diabetic retinopathy. His relatives alleged that Ravi, a photographer from Karimnagar, died due to overdose of anesthesia.

The angry relatives protested at the hospital and refused to take charge of the body. They have complained the matter to Aarogyasri Healthcare Trust. Meanwhile, Aarogyasri officials stated that they have got all the documents from the hospital and are looking into the details.

"The doctors told us to come for surgery as his eyes were badly affected and he will lose sight. It is negligence on their part and we want Aarogyasri department to investigate," said P. Veerababu, relative of the deceased.

However, the hospital authorities have denied the allegations saying that he was suffering from juvenile diabetes, which was not treated properly.

“The patient has been visiting us since October and was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes which was being treated. He was clearly told that his diabetes has to be controlled as it was causing a lot of damage to his body. Due to severe diabetic retinopathy his operation was scheduled on Wednesday as he could not see properly. But when he was taken to the operation theatre, he complained of restlessness. Anesthesia was not administered due to this complaint and the cardiology team was called in. He suffered a sudden heart attack on the table and despite trying for 45 minutes, didn’t revive,” said Dr K Vishwanath, senior eye surgeon at the hospital.

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