YS Jagan promises to deliver governance at people's doorsteps

27 Mar, 2014 19:32 IST|Sakshi
YS Jagan promises to deliver governance at people's doorsteps

Addressing a massive crowd at the party’s election campaign ‘Jana Patham’ at Tagarapuvalasa in Visakhapatnam, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy vowed to remove the belt shops from all villages in the state by restricting them to constituency headquarters and star hotels.


Highlights from his speech:

  • It is five years since YSR died. But, the people still remember him due to the welfare schemes he had implemented for the people of the state. He is deeply in the hearts of the people even now. He is remembered for his value based politics and credibility.
  • Did Chandrababu ever go to poor students? Does he know the difficulties that poor students face?
  • When I asked students about what they are studying, they said Engineering and when I said it is costly and how are you going to pay for it, then they said that this time they are going to get their land sold and later, they will get their house sold.
  • I don’t want to make false promises like TDP president Chandrababu Naidu
  • I appeal to you to vote for YSRCP in the forthcoming elections to usher in the welfare state again
  • Chandrababu Naidu has been promising to waive agriculture loans worth   Rs 1.60 lakh cores which is equal to the state’s annual budget. 
  • Chandrababu  has been making impossible promises like one job per household.
  • I doubt if he knows that there are 3.5 crore households in the state and since independence only 20 lakh jobs were given by the government.
  • He is making some promises which are not possible for implementation in any way for any government.
  • Chandrababu- You belong to the old generation and I represent the young generation
  •  I feel saddened for the way ‘Arogyasri’ scheme is being run now.
  • Jagan promised that he would bring governance to the doorsteps of people.
  • The five signatures I will stamp immediately after coming to power would change the fate of the state --check school dropouts, increase old age pensions, set up market stabilisation fund for farmers, waive the loans of DWCRA groups
  • I will open offices in all villages and municipal wards for granting ration cards, pensions and Arogya Sri Card
  • Jagan promised to build 10 lakh houses every year to the underprivileged sections of the society


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