Easy Ways To Track Your Parcels

18 May, 2020 13:16 IST|Sakshi
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HYDERABAD: With restrictions being lifted across ecommerce deliveries, we can expect to see a resurgence in ecommerce activity across the country. A significant portion of your online shopping experience most probably includes tracking the order. Right from you place the order until the delivery agent rings your doorbell, we are prone to check tracking details multiple times a day.

Not only for ecommerce but logistics, in general, is also one of the most important sectors that power our economy. For sending important documents, parcels and other shipments, we turn to delivery companies quite often. In these cases, the tracking feature provides a transparent view of the current location and status of your shipments. It is important to both the sender and recipient for checking the status information. So here are some easy ways to track your parcels.

Use third-party tracking websites.

If you shop online a lot, you might have to deal with different delivery companies. Even though the retails giants like Amazon, Flipkart have their own logistics networks, they also use multiple courier companies as delivery partners. Especially if they are orders processed by third-party sellers. Smaller e-commerce websites sometimes don’t have inbuilt tracking functionality. You might have to redirect to the delivery company’s website or resort to third-party tracking tools.

Third-party tracking websites allow you to track packages of different companies in one place. For instance, this parcel tracking website supports almost 50 courier companies and offers a consistent UI.

Use of a Mobile App

Most of the ecommerce sites have dedicated mobile apps. If you are logged in, usually these apps deliver push notification whenever there is a tracking update to your package or courier. This way you need manually visit the tracking page several times a day. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous, it’s much more convenient to use the mobile app rather than logging onto a website on a desktop.

Many individual courier companies have their own mobile apps. Even India’s official postal network, India Post has a dedicated mobile app named PostInfo. You can track your articles, search for post offices, calculate postage, and much more on the application.

SMS Tracking

This is a bit of a legacy approach. If you don’t own a smartphone, computer, or have access to the internet, you can also track packages and couriers through SMS. Note that only some of the courier companies support tracking through SMS. You can find the details of the phone number and SMS codes on the respective websites. Also Read: Understanding Transits In Astrology

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