KSR Column: One Rule For Chevireddy, Another For Ashok Babu

13 Jun, 2017 20:07 IST|Sakshi
Why did these avowedly ‘apolitical’ leaders target only Chevireddy and why they haven’t talked about Chandrababu?

By Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

The conduct of some of the leaders of the AP NGOs Association is surprising. Time was when the NGO leaders used to take on the Government and fight for their rights. But, now, we find them not just toeing the ruling party line, but even trumpeting the 'virtues' of the ruling dispensation. This paradigm shift is inviting flak.

Recently YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy made some stinging comments against some government employees. He said some errant officials found harassing YSRCP activists would be sent to Andaman once the YSRCP comes to power. The NGOs say the comments are harsh. While Chevireddy shouldn't have said this, it should also be noted that none can be sent to Andaman in view of the obvious jurisdictional limitations. In fact, Chevireddy himself clarified that he did not criticise every Government employee. At least 90 per cent of them are good and only 10 per cent are harassing the YSRCP workers, he has clarified.

Jury is still out as to whether the MLA should have lost his cool. But, the fact remains that some NGO leaders are crossing all limits of propriety while trumpeting and tom-tomming Chandrababu Naidu's praises. AP NGOs Association president Ashok Babu had crossed all limits when he said that Chandrababu should be the chief minister for life. Aren't these political pronunciations? Why didn't the NGO leaders, who addressed the media to criticise Chevireddy, ignore these comments? Why did these avowedly 'apolitical' leaders target only Chevireddy and why they haven’t talked about Chandrababu, who made comments that he would take to task errant officials and punish them in full public view? Are Saudi style public floggings acceptable to the NGO leaders? Why aren't they upset over such comments?

It is clear that they have no qualms singing paeons to Chandrababu Naidu and go overboard while criticising the leader's from the opposition. They are clearly trying to curry favours. Ditto with the police officers, who took strong objection to the comments made by the YSRCP MLAs, soft-pedalled far more serious criticism of the cops by the TDP leaders. They were clearly afraid to take on the ruling party biggies. .

Are the Government employees truly unbiased in their approach? Has there been an introspection among the employees? Aren't they simply doing the TDP's bidding? Have they ever questioned the TDP decisions? Let us hope that the bureaucracy shows some spine and stands up to the wrong and autocratic decisions of the ruling party.

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