Is Pawan Kalyan Clear About What He Wants?

12 Dec, 2017 11:57 IST|Sakshi
is he working as a proxy for the TDP?

Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

One expected some clarity on key issues from actor-Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan on various issues. But, his Vizag speech not just failed to give clarity, but was even contradictory at times. While Leader of the Opposition YS Jagan had openly expressed willingness to make common cause with Pawan Kalyan on the special category issue, Pawan had launched broadsides on Jagan.

It is surprising to note that he has given more importance to criticise those in the Opposition than those in power. Pawan Kalyan's comments that he would wreak vengeance on those who betrayed Praja Rajyam Party smacks of political immaturity. He appears to have no idea about who stabbed Praja Rajyam in the back. He himself had campaigned for many leaders, who used Praja Rajyam as a stepping stone to political ascent and for latching on to the TDP bandwagon. Chiru himself merged his party into the Congress and went on to become a Union Minister.

The question is what constitutes a betrayal - merging the party or Congress giving him a ministerial berth? Some of those who criticised Chiranjeevi right left and centre like Parakala Prabhakar, who attached Chiru by addressing a presser right in Praja Rajyam headquarters, are now enjoying key positions in Chandrababu Government. One fails to understand, who will Pawan wreak vengeance on!!

Pawan Kalyan has also questioned dynastic politics. Does he believe that Lokesh will not step into the shoes of Chandrababu Naidu? If he thinks so, it would be his political naivete. If he does believe that Lokesh will become CM after Chandrababu, why is he not questioning it? In fact, Pawan was the chief of Yuva Rajyam when Chiranjeevi formed Praja Rajyam. Chiranjeevi's brother-in-law Allu Aravind played a key role in the party. Is this not dynastic politics? Would Pawan Kalyan have got such a key role if were not Chiranjeevi's brother?

Though his stand on the Dredging Corporation is right, viewing it as the only problem affecting the state is funny. Why did he not speak about issues which are more pressing and far more significant? Why did not Pawan speak on Vijayawada boat traged immediately? Why did he talk about this after so many days? And why did he spare Chandrababu and the TDP Government? Why did he not call on the victims of Godavari pushkaram stampede. Why did the stampede occur? Why did the footage go missing? Such questions do not seem to imterest him. Most importantly, why is he silent on such a hugely destructive thing as defections? The MLAs are being bought over by shelling out crores of rupees and some of them are going on to become ministers even while being Opposition MLAs. Does he think that there is no corruption in the TDP Government? Or is he working as a proxy for the TDP? Is that the reason why he is soft on the TDP? Is he worried about the fallout of the falling out with the TDP? He has been taking on the BJP, but he seems to be confused about his journey with the TDP. If Pawan Kalyan is being used as a tool to divert the criticism of the Telugu Desam government on Polavaram and Kapu reservations, it would be counter-productive for Pawan himself.

On one hand, Pawan says he would expand the party in both the Telugu states. On the other, he says he is not interested in becoming a CM. If a politician is without an objective, he is sure to be doomed. If anyone says that power is not the ultimate aim, then he sure is deceiving himself. Pawan would be under suspicion as long as he is silent on TDP rule and the allegations of corruption. If he wants to sail with the TDP, but try to appear as if he is differing with it, then he is putting at stake his own reputation and credibility. Whether Pawan Kalyan will act with clarity and shrug off the confusion, is anybody's guess.

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