Kiran acting at the behest of Delhi

28 Sep, 2013 21:10 IST|Sakshi
Kiran acting at the behest of Delhi

YSR Congress Party senior leader Konatala Ramakrishna took strong objection to the remarks of Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy that he would champion the cause of a united state.

“His remarks would have had credence had he along with his cabinet colleagues resigned immediately after CWC had announced its decision to divide the state. After taking a good long gap of time as if coming out of hibernation, if Kiran Kumar Reddy starts speaking of a united state it appears as if he is acting at the behest of the high command.
He did not react even after Sri Krishna Committee has submitted its report. The report was not tabled in the Assembly or the Parliament. There was no discussion on the division of the state in the assembly which shows that Chief Minister is a puppet in the hands of Delhi and parrots the words whenever he is asked to speak,” he said.
If the Chief Minister is serious of the comments he passed at a media conference, he should convene a special assembly and adopt a resolution in favour of a united state. Later if he and his cabinet quit, there would be some sanity on what he spoke.
The issues he raised yesterday that would crop up in wake of the division are not new. They were included in the Sri Krishna Committee Report and YSR has set up a committee which identified nine issues if the state is divided.
“While these issues are known since long if he kept silent and suddenly speaks of a stand which is against the decision taken by the high command, eyebrows are raised. To allay fears, the Chief Minister should immediately convene a special session to adopt a resolution in favour of a united state,” he said.
YSRCP has always stood on a single stand and it is Congress and TDP that have taken U-turn on the issue, he said.

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