Khairatabad Ganesh to have Telangana laddu    

25 Jun, 2016 12:49 IST|Sakshi
Ganesh Utsava Committee has decided to prepare laddu prasadam locally.

Hyderabad: Of late, the laddu prasadam of Khairatabad Ganesh has also become a talk of town. Ganesh Utsava Committee has decided to prepare laddu locally and may also consider if any sponsors from city or districts of Telangana come forward.

Laddu weighing six tonne on the palm of huge Lord Ganesh idol spanning over 50 feet is always a special attraction during the Ganapathi Navaratri. The six-tonne laddu is made in Andhra Pradesh for Khairatabad Ganesha, but this time, it’s going to be made locally. Kharatabad Ganesh will have Telangana laddu from this year onwards.

PVVS Mallikarjuna Rao (Mallibabu) used to offer laddu prasadam to Khairatabad Ganesh free of cost. Mallibabu generally prepares laddu in his hometown Tapeswaram in Atreyapuram mandal, East Godavari district, and offers to Khairatabad Ganesha. The laddu prasadam is distributed on the day of procession.

Last year, Mallibabu offered six-tonne laddu and distribution had turned out to be ruckus as Ganesh Utsav Committee failed to control the huge number of devotees, who scrambled for it. After this incident, Ganesh Utsav Committee has taken a key decision to prepare laddu locally.

Sudarshan, Founder Member, Ganesh Utsav Committee, said: “We have decided to prepare laddu locally. The committee has also decided to keep laddu weight at five tonne. We’ll consider the proposals on sponsorship from either city or districts in Telangana. However, the committee will take a final decision on sponsorship.”

Expressing his deep disappointment over the Ganesh Utsav Committee’s decision, Mallibabu said: “The committee’s decision is like a jolt for me. But, so far I haven’t received any official communication from the committee. I have a strong attachment with Khairatabad Ganesh. By the blessings of Lord Ganesha, my business is doubling every year. I have over 200 sweet shops in East Godavari district. Now, I’ll meet Chandrababu Naidu and request him to allow me to offer laddu to the Ganesh to be installed in Amaravati.”

Mallibabu for the first time in 2010 offered 500-kg laddu to Khairatabad Ganesh. It was 2,400kg laddu in 2011 and subsequently the weight rose to 6,000-kg laddu in 2015. The six-tonne laddu prasadam preparation costs at about Rs18 lakh.

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