TDP kills JC's dreams?

7 Apr, 2014 12:08 IST|Sakshi
TDP kills JC's dreams?

That politics is a fickle and unpredictable profession is a given. JC Diwakar Reddy, the former Congress man, turned TDP  leader has realised this the hard way. 

According to reports, the politician whose plans to contest as Independent candidate for Rajya Sabha was quashed by Congress, now finds himself in an another unenviable position in TDP as well. After TDP announced its tie-up with BJP, Chandrababu Naidu reportedly gave Anantapura seat to BJP. 

This angered JC who was planning to stand from Ananthapur. He called Chandrababu to make his displeasure felt. However the TDP chief was busy with the press conference, and his Personal Assistant picked up the call.  

Shouting at the PA, JC said, "I told you to give Kadiri Assembly seat to BJP. Why did you allot Anantapur to them? How will I win now?" 

He reportedly told Chandrababu's assistant that he was not interested in being defeated after contesting on TDP ticket. 

The PA requested JC to take his grievances to Chandrababu directly, but the former Congressman disconnected the call.  


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