Jayasudha doesn't know where Telangana Martyrs Memorial is?

11 Apr, 2014 15:59 IST|Sakshi
Jayasudha doesn't know where Telangana Martyrs Memorial is?

Come elections, there is an over pouring of compassion, emotions and the like by all politicians. They may not remember these emotions or promises made, for the next five years. However, they wont forget to wave the flag of solidarity and empathy just before election to garner some last minute brownie points. 

Secunderabad MLA Jayasudha also falls in that category. On Friday the actress-turned-politician began her campaigning, and she wanted to start the same by paying tributes to Telangana martyrs at Gun Park. A very noble thought indeed! However in spite of being MLA for the last five years, Jayasudha did not know where the memorial was located.  

"Before beginning my campaigning, I wanted to come to Telangana Martyrs Memorial. Last time, my entry into politics was sudden, and so I didn't know about the location of the memorial. But this time, I found out,"  she said.  

This statement of Jayasudha raised many eyebrows. She took five years to know where an important aspect of the city, Telangana Martyrs Memorial is ? 

Some party members quipped that if elections weren't near, she would have taken ten years to find the memorial.


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