Jail Term, Huge Fine Can’t Stop These Traffic Violators

11 Mar, 2018 11:40 IST|Sakshi
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Hyderabad: Traffic violations have been increasing in the city despite heavy punishments being imposed on the people. They are not worried about the license suspension, 12 point penalty system and imprisonment. In the past one year, the driving licenses of four persons were permanently cancelled while licenses of 29 other people were suspended. Over Rs 11.8 lakhs fine was imposed on these commuters for violating the rules.

In the last five days, around 125 people were caught by the police in drunk and drive case. The situation was still worsened on Friday after the police apprehended 137 persons in the same case. These people were sent to Chanchalguda jail and the police will submit the charge sheet soon.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Magistrate court at Erramanzil on Saturday imposed jail term for some of the traffic violators such as cell phone driving, drunk driving, driving without license and non-payment of challans. The jail term varies for all these traffic violators.

Around 14 persons were sent to two-day jail term for cell phone driving, 13 persons for license-less driving and 11 for not paying challans. Recently, the parents of minors were also arrested in city for allowing their children to drive vehicles. Despite all measures by Hyderabad traffic police, people are continue to be least bothered and go ahead with their offensive ways.

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