It's Khel Khatam Dukaan Bandh for Kiran's JSP

1 Jul, 2014 14:06 IST|Sakshi
It's Khel Khatam Dukaan Bandh for Kiran's JSP

'Khel Khatam, Dukaan Bandh', so goes the Hyderabadi adage. This refers to quietly shutting the shop when your brand no longer sells.

This applies best to Jai Samaikyandhra Party (JSP) of former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Politically a still-born baby, the party headquarters in the swank Krittika Layout in Madhapur asset is shut. The banners and posters that adorned the party office no longer exist indicate that the party had died a silent death - unwept and unsung. ('Kiran' to shine on 'Kamal'?)

After the party proved to be a non-starter at the hustings, even senior leaders, including founder-president Kiran Kumar Reddy, stopped visiting the office. No one is answering as to when and why the JSP shop was shut. The latest thing heard is that corporates and IT firms are trying to rent the premises. 

The buzz is that Kiran has not ditched just the party office and is likely to ditch the party itself. He is reportedly in talks with the BJP leaders over joining the party. The irony of it is that die-hard pro-integration Kiran Reddy is eyeing BJP, which is a die-hard divisionist. 

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