Infighting In TDP: Akhila Priya Accused Of Attacking AV Subba Reddy

22 Apr, 2018 16:19 IST|Sakshi
Minister Akhila Priya and Senior TDP leader AV Subba Reddy

Kurnool: The infighting within Telugu Desam Party had intensified and turned into gory attacks on their counterparts. Senior TDP leader and supporter of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy, AV Subba Reddy was attacked today in broad daylight. Subba Reddy was participating in a cycle rally organised by the party in Allagadda constituency. Suddenly from nowhere few hooligans attacked with stones and ran away.

Taking the incident seriously, Subba Reddy immediately accused Minister Akhila Priya for the attack on him. He approached police and lodged a complaint, which was registered and investigation into the incident has started.

Political rivalry between minister Akhila Priya and TDP senior leader AV Subba Reddy has been existing for a long time. Today's attack has created panic among the local people. It is reported that the hooligans had come in vehicles that had photos stickers of the minister. They targeted Subba Reddy and attacked him with stones resulting in injuries to few supporters. Subba Reddy is suspecting that the attack was pre-planned and was done under the instructions of Akhila Priya.

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