Indian Fans Call Vijay Mallya ‘Chor’ Outside Cricket Stadium 

11 Jun, 2017 20:26 IST|Sakshi
Business tycoon Vijay Mallya was reportedly heckled away by fans when he was seen entering the Oval stadium in London on Sunday. 

London: Business tycoon Vijay Mallya, who escaped prosecution in India, was on Sunday heckled away by Indian fans outside the Oval stadium in London during the Champions Trophy match that was being played between India and South Africa.

Mallya, who caused a lot of embarrassment for the Indian cricket team when he dropped in at Virat Kohli Foundation's 'Charity Dinner', was in for some embarrassment when he along with a companion entered the stadium.

Wearing a black trouser and a sky blue blazer, Mallya was entering through famous Sir Jack Hobbs Gate when a few supporters started shouting 'Chor, Chor (Thief, Thief)."

One fan, in fact, started filming his entry as another shouted "Woh dekho chor jaa raha hain andar, Chor chor (Look the thief is entering the stadium)."

Mallya for a fleeting second looked back before showing his customary non-challance while making his way to the Hospitality Box. The Indian government has been desperately trying for Mallya's extradition. The former UB group chief fled the country last year and has unpaid debts close to the tune of Rs 9000 crore taken as loans from various Indian banks.

A few days back, Indian team had to leave Kohli's Charity Dinner function early to avoid having any interaction with Mallya. In fact, skipper Kohli, who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, a team that used to be once owned by Mallya, also maintained a dignified distance from the tainted businessman.

It was learnt that Mallya was invited by someone who had bought a table for the event and the fugitive businessman came as his guest.

Mallya owes a whopping Rs 9,000 crore to consortium of banks in the country. He recently said that he would not wish to come to India anymore.

He recently announced that he would watch every match of India in the Champions Trophy tournament and cheer for the home country.

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