If my luck is benefitting people, then vote for BJP: Modi

1 Feb, 2015 20:59 IST|Sakshi
If my luck is benefitting people, then vote for BJP: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday sought a majority for BJP in Delhi by presenting himself as a "lucky" person as he ridiculed his rivals for giving all credit for "successes" during his tenure to his good fortune only.

Addressing a rally here, he talked about the performance of his eight-month-old government and said the prices of commodities like petrol and diesel have come down, benefitting the people and helping them save some money.

The "rivals", particularly the Congress, say the prices have come down just because he is "lucky", he said, adding "Do you want a lucky person or someone who is less lucky?

Taunting his rivals, he said, "Ok, let's accept that I am lucky but you have saved money. If Modi's luck is benefitting the people, what can be more fortunate? If because of my good luck, prices of petrol and diesel get reduced and common man saves more, then what is need for bringing someone who is unlucky?"

Taking on Congress and other "rivals" for "ruing that Modi is lucky", he said, "it is not Modi's luck but if somebody has the blessings of 125 crore people, there cannot be any better luck."

He went on to add, "for every success (of the government), lies are spread in an attempt to mislead the people".

Taking on both AAP and Congress, Modi said they "forge friendship behind the curtains" to form a government, apparently referring to their alliance last year.

"However, as soon as polls were declared, they start competing each other in spreading lies which could lead to sensation and give them some space in the media," he added.

Targeting AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, he asked people whether they want development or 'dharnas'.
He emphasised that Delhi needs a government which is "sensible" and "sensitive" to address the problems of the national capital.
"Running a government is a serious task... Governments cannot be run by getting space in the media but getting a space in the hearts of people," the Prime Minister said at the rally in Dwarka area of South West Delhi.

Seeking to strike a chord with Delhiites, the former Gujarat Chief Minister said he has now some right over the capital as he has been here for eight months.

"Please give me a chance to pay back your love with interest by bringing in development for all... I want to ensure developent of Delhi," he said, adding, "For us, people are our high command".

Underlining that development is the solution to all problems that Delhiites face, he cited the "track record" of BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. "Look at our track-record. Based on our track-record, we seek your blessings".

He spoke about his government's moves to regularise unauthorised colonies in Delhi and said his next priority was to provide multi-storeyed apartments to slum dwellers as part of 'Housing for all' scheme.

Talking about the party's Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi, Modi said she will take care of all problems, including traffic issues, that the national capital is facing as she is one who has devoted most of her life to Delhi.

He also underlined that if a BJP government is formed in Delhi, its Chief Minister will have the "fear of Modi" and perform.

"Delhi needs a government with full majority. The government we can trust. If you vote in a BJP government, then those who will be here will be afraid of Modi and the central government. But if there is someone who does not have anyone above him, then that person will bring in only devastation," Modi said.

He said that "incomplete" mandate has already led to wastage of one year of Delhi's development, which has "set the state back by 25 years".

Apparently targeting Kejriwal without naming him, he said Delhi will suffer if the electorate vote for someone who is more interested in "dharnas" and "looking for space in TV media" than talking about issues to address them.
In his second rally here in as many days, the Prime Minister said he was indebted to the people of Delhi as they had given all the seven seats of the Lok Sabha to his party in the last elections.

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