Hyderabad Traffic Police Finds Innovative Ways To Punish Violators

15 Sep, 2019 11:54 IST|Sakshi
Hyderabad Traffic Police Finds Innovative Ways To Punish Violators

Hyderabad: Instead of imposing hefty fines for violations of traffic rules, Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, Divya Charan Rao has come with a unique way to make defaulters fall in line rather than pay the sum.

As the imposition of heavy fines for violation of traffic rules under the controversial recently amended Motor Vehicles Act is evoking public anger, Rachakonda police commissionerate in Greater Hyderabad is trying an innovative method to ensure that commuters follow the traffic rules.

Motorists found without a helmet were helped to buy it on the spot, vehicles with no pollution check certificate were made to get the certificate. If the commuter is driving without a license, they were made to book the slot online with the Road Transport Authority to obtain a license.

Telangana's minister for urban development and municipal administration K.T. Rama Rao also appreciated this initiative by Rachakonda Police. This drive had also won appreciation from many people across the city.

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