Hyderabad gets its first terrace football ground

26 Jun, 2015 11:25 IST|Sakshi
Hyderabad gets its first terrace football ground

Want to play football on the terrace?

Tired of playing on the ground and in the mud? Then, this place in Begumpet is the right place for you.

Welcome to the first terrace football stadium in South India – the Hotfut. Here you can hit the ball hard and feel ‘on top of the world,’ literally. The Hotfut has a 60X90 ft field and a net that is 25 feet high. The artificial grass is FiFe 2 star rated and the ball is slightly heavier.

The grounds – two of them – are good for five-a-team game and would be a good place to unwind and loosen the frazzled nerves through soccer. The organizers say this is for those Itching to take a break from the office regimen by indulging in a game of fast-paced football without having to go all the way to the ground. “ Experience pro turf football with a view of the entire city and the wind blowing through your hair! “ promises the Hotfut.

Hotfut offers football even at night under the floodlights. There are terrace football grounds in Pune and some other places. But, this is the first one in South India.

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