Honeybee attack abruptly ends Janmabhoomi meet

8 Nov, 2014 17:18 IST|Sakshi
Honeybee attack abruptly ends Janmabhoomi meet

A sting attack by honeybees saw ministers, VIPs and several others scurrying for cover. At the Janmabhoomi programme organised in Gundumuka village of Madakasira mandal in Anantapur, a honeycomb was disturbed by a miscreant. Honeybee stings made the people run helter-skelter. Scores of persons suffered honeybee stings. Among the victims were Minister Paritala Sunitha, MLA Parthasaradhi, Eeranna and MLC Tippeswami. The VIPs had to rush into their cars and close all the windows to escape from the wrath of honeybees.  The event was abruptly called off.

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