Girl ends life as two mothers fight for her possession

24 Mar, 2016 10:55 IST|Sakshi
Girl ends life as two mothers fight for her possession

Hyderabad: Unable to cope with the depression caused by a fight between her real mother and another mother who brought her up since childhood, 20-year-old Mummy ended her life by hanging herself at her home.

Lakshmi, hailing from Peeramcheru, left her daughter with her sister 10 years ago when she lost her husband and married another man. The child had since been taken care of by Tirupathamma. She brought up the child with care and affection. However, after her second husband died sometime back, Lakshmi returned to sister's house and demanded her daughter back.

As fight for the possession of Mummy intensified between the sisters, neighbors had to interfere and asked the girl to decide with whom she wants to stay. The girl chose to stay with Laksmi and continued to be with her from last four days.

However, unable to bear the separation Tirupathamma visited Lakshmi's house and asked her to send the daughter with her. Dejected by all this, Mummy ended her life

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