Gear up for a very hot summer!

28 Mar, 2014 13:29 IST|Sakshi
Gear up for a very hot summer!

Election heat is not the only heat that the state has to deal with this summer.

According to the met department, the Mercury is soaring and is all set to go higher than usual. On Thursday, temperatures touched 40.33 degrees in Jadcherla town. Last year, this level of temperature was recorded in April only.

Children and elders are suffering the most, while roads bore a deserted look from 11 am to 4 pm.  Diarrhea patients are also increasing in various parts day by day. And, doctors are advising to take precautions to avoid any problem.

The doctors are advising to take some precautions in summer, they are also advising people to wear cotton dresses till summer ends. 

Kidney problems may be expected among pregnant women during  summer.  They have to drink a glass of water after every half an hour. Coconut water is advisable in summer.
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