Samsung Brutal Ad Counters iPhone 11

15 Sep, 2019 09:45 IST|Sakshi
Samsung and iPhone

With the new iPhone 11 series boasting to be the coolest phone ever, fellow competitor Samsung took a dig with a new advertisement boasting a feature in its Note 10+ which iPhone doesn't have, i.e. Live Focus while video recording.

The Live focus creates the background blur effect, called the bokeh effect, while a video is being recorded. This means the main subject comes to focus, while the background blurs while you are live recording.

Watch the ad here:

Although iPhone tried to show that the new 11 series is the biggets innovation mankind has produced since the wheel, many other premium mobile phone makers pointed out features that it missed.

For instance, Oneplus has 90Hz, while Honor value for money, and then Samsung joins in.

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