From dhobi to butcher, politicos don different avatars for votes

25 Apr, 2014 10:59 IST|Sakshi
From dhobi to butcher, politicos don different avatars for votes

Strange are the ways of the politicos. Like the eager skirt-chaser out to woo the latest yet Lady Love, they can do anything to entice the wary voter.

The other day, an Aam Admi Party candidate gate-crashed into a wedding party with a host of followers holding aloft brooms, the party’s election symbol. Little did they realize that broom is considered inauspicious, particularly at the time of marriage! The wedding party was anything but amused.

Affable Kishan Reddy of the BJP has turned into a chaiwallah, hoping to trade tea for votes. Glamorous Jayasudha, who is seeking re-election from Secunderabad, has turned into a dhobi. It’s a strange sight indeed to see the fashionista of film world to wash clothes in public – all for a few votes.

Now, let’s go over to the old city, where the candidates do not mind turning into butchers at meat shops to woo the non-veg loving voters. Turning butcher or a samosa vendor during peak hours would only make the eatery-wallah unhappy as it would mean loss of peak-hour income. For the politico, this is another photo op and an assured coverage on the pages of the newspaper the morning next.

Some other enterprising candidates like V Hanumantha Rao and Ponnala take stance before the stumps and try to fend off bouncers from the boys with little success though. But, most times, the people they are wooing aren’t voters yet and the people lustily cheering the swoosh of the bat are already hardcore supporters.

Will their antics yield results? We have just about a week to know the whether they did.


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