Four persons killed their mother with 'suspicion'

26 May, 2014 11:17 IST|Sakshi
Four persons killed their mother with 'suspicion'

A pathetic incident took place at Bhainsa in Adilabad district on Sunday.

Four persons killed their mother with some suspicion on her.

One Lakshmibai (55) had been living at Bhainsa for sometime in a rented house. She has four sons.

The incident took place after all of them came to their house after attending a function on Sunday. The version of these persons is such that they saw their mother with some other person in the house and so they killed her.

The dirty story of these four persons is such that their mother had an illegal affair with a person.

She died when her sons attacked her with stones. As per them, only two of them are related to the murder.

Police arrested the two persons and shifted the dead body for post mortem.

Lakshmibai’s husband died some years ago. Her four sons are getting their livelihoods at different places. Two of them are daily laborers.

Police started their investigations in the matter.
- Sakshipost

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