FiveAI to compete Google, Tesla in driverless car sector

1 Aug, 2016 09:12 IST|Sakshi
FiveAI to compete Google, Tesla in driverless car sector

London: It seems that Google and Tesla have a new competitor in their driverless car projects -- FiveAI, a Britain-based startup that is working on a technology that is data light and fully autonomous.

The startup, with Amadeus Capital -- the venture capital company leading the investment -- has secured $2.7 million in equity funding to help develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of driving a car, Forbes reported on Sunday.

The startup’s concept is different from Google and Tesla as FiveAI’s project would have a vehicle fitted out with sensors all processed by a central computer capable of “machine learning”, that is, capability of picking up information from encounters and applying it to future situations.

While Tesla’s autopilot feature does not provide full autonomy, meaning, it is a driving aid that requires a human to be in charge at all times, Google’s system does not require human oversight but it is very data heavy.

Google has created a detailed point cloud with millions of data points on each road in order to build a 3D picture of how it looks without anyone in it. It can then subtract that out to know what the system is currently seeing, Allpress noted.


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