Film industry, politicians mourn Uday Kiran's death

6 Jan, 2014 12:16 IST|Sakshi
Film industry, politicians mourn Uday Kiran's death

Hyderabad, The Telugu film industry was plunged into sadness as the news of Uday Kirans suicide trickled in. Many of his colleagues, and fans found it difficult to grasp the fact that hero who played the lover boy in many of his movies, is no more.

Politicians like TDP MLA Nannapaneni Rajakumari also expressed shock. " I am unable to digest the death of Uday Kiran," he said.

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"He has seen many up and downs in his life at a very young age. But I don't think he is such a coward to commit suicide," she added.


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Rajakumari said he was a very strong person and could face any problem in his life. "If there is someone's hand behind this incident, they should be found and severely punished," she added. Political leaders and people from industry reached Uday's house to console his family members.

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