Facebook helps in unraveling temple theft

16 Feb, 2015 15:13 IST|Sakshi
Facebook helps in unraveling temple theft

In what could be an example of how social media could help in tracking criminals, the police tracked down and arrested the person who stole the panchaloha idols from a temple in Ramnagar.

Recently, a person entered the sanctum sanctorum and stole the one-feet-tall idol. This was captured in the CCTVs installed in the temple. The video footage was shared extensively on the social networking sites and the social media.  A person, who watched this video realised that his neighbour Srinivas was the culprit and alerted the police. The police zeroed in on Srinivas and nabbed him.According to police, Srinivas(48) lost his job and took to thefts in the temple for money. Srinavas was earlier jailed in 2010 by Chilakilakalaguda police. The police also recovered the idols.
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