Sri Reddy Questions Nagababu, Chiranjeevi On Pawan Kalyan

13 Mar, 2019 15:57 IST|Sakshi
Sri Reddy Questions Nagababu, Chiranjeevi On Pawan Kalyan

Actress Sri Reddy, who is known for her controversial statements has once again come forward. This time, her focus is on the Mega family. Reacting strongly against actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan for cheating his former wife Renu Desai, Poonam Kaur and several other girls.

Last year, the actress launched a protest against the Telugu film industry in regard to the casting couch and sexual harassment. She even shared names of the Telugu film personalities who sexually exploited her with a pretense of providing her movie offers.

Stating that she is fearless of the consequences her revelations would cause, the actress now has opened up about Jana Sena Party chief and power star Pawan Kalyan.

In her YouTube channel, Sri Reddy addressed the relationship of Poonam Kaur and Renu Desai with Pawan Kalyan.

While she praised Megastar Chiranjeevi for his discipline in personal and professional life, pointing out the purity of his relationship with his wife, she, however, questioned as to why the actor kept Pawan Kalyan away from the Mega family.

Sri Reddy shared that according to her, the controversies caused by Pawan Kalyan's relationships with Renu Desai, Poonam Kaur and the English lady (Anna Lezhneva) is the reason.

Stating that the other Mega brother Nagababu wants his family to win in every aspect and his foolish thinking was visible during the MAA elections as well. While he targeted TDP, YSRCP and made some defamatory statements against the women of their families, she questioned him whether Poonam Kaur was not a member of his family.

She said that Poonam Kaur underwent so much mental trauma but Nagababu covered it up adding that there is no truth to her story and cited that she was also treated similarly in the case of Suresh Babu.

Revealing that she was sad to learn about Poonam Kaur's story, Sri Reddy urged her to come before the camera and seek justice.

An audio clip was leaked online recently with Poonam Kaur talking about how Pawan Kalyan cheated her. This led to the power star fans lashing against the actress. In this context, Sri Reddy shared that many including her tried to convince Poonam Kaur to speak out on the issue but she has no courage adding that the actress had no involvement in the audio leak.

Also addressing the trolls on Renu Desai, Sri Reddy said that the actress stayed mum during her marriage with Pawan Kalyan despite him falling in love with an English lady and hooking up with another girl as she was afraid.

Hitting out at Pawan Kalyan for maintaining silence while Renu Desai was trolled, she said that the actor created several rumours about Renu Desai and tried to spoil her image.

Further alleging that the Jana Sena leader exploited other girls and should be punished, Sri Reddy said that they are ready to speak in public and don't mind being killed.

Clearing it out that Pawan Kalyan played with the lives of several girls, she hoped that his misdeeds will be out in public before the elections.

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