Is This Kaushal Manda’s Escape Mechanism?

11 Mar, 2019 14:34 IST|Sakshi
Kaushal Manda

Kaushal Manda, winner of Bigg Boss 2 has a large number of fans in Telugu states. Post the success of the show, Kaushal informed his fans that he had received a call from Prime Minister’s Office. He also stated that he was going to receive a Doctorate from Harvard University. In the beginning, everyone thought it was true, but it later emerged that he was faking it. In one of the local TV channels, Kaushal’s lies got nailed. Recently, Kaushal was in the news for all the wrong reasons. After his fans raised a red flag against him, Kaushal’s popularity which was at its peak hit rock bottom.

That was not all. His fans exposed his lies and acts of deception on various platforms by stating that he was a fraud and a cheat who had misused funds collected for the trust. Latest we hear is that Kaushal has decided to salvage his soiled reputation. In a last ditch effort, Kaushal is reported to have side with political leaders. He recently met Telugu Desam party chief N Chandrababu Naidu. Check out this post…

After 'Kaushal army fans' revealed truth about Kaushal which made him lose even movie offers, Kaushal has decided to take the political plunge. It now remains to be seen how far will be succeed.

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