Now, Kaushal Accuses Fans Of Harassment, Files Case Against Them

10 Mar, 2019 12:46 IST|Sakshi
Kaushal Manda

There was a time when Bigg Boss popular contestant Kaushal Manda would feel indebted to his fans. The Kaushal Army played a key role in ensuring his win in the popular Telugu reality show. But all that seems to be a thing of the past as Kaushal Manda of Bigg Boss fame has reportedly registered a case of online harassment with the Cyber Crime Station. Kaushal contended that his fans termed as Kaushal Army were making abusive comments and several allegations against him on social media platforms. When Kaushal was locked inside the Bigg Boss house, his wife Neelima used to head the Kaushal Army. According to sources, a group of Kaushal army fans are posting nasty comments against Kaushal and his wife on various social media platforms.

Recently, there was a report that Kaushal received a lot of cash from the public to establish a foundation for cancer patients. Kaushal fans accused the Bigg Boss winner of misusing those funds instead of spending on cancer patients. While he was inside Bigg Boss, Kaushal was hated by his fellow housemates for instigating his own fans to write negative comments about them. Kaushal denied all allegations saying they didnt contain any truth in it. The fans who worshipped Kaushal during the show recently even released a revolt song dedicated to Kaushal titled 'Gorrela Manda'.

Based on Kaushal Manda’s complaint, the police registered a case under Section 67 of IT Act and have also written to Google seeking the IP address of the offenders.

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