Kaushal Army Victims, Kaushal Army Tirugubatu Trending On Social Media  

6 Mar, 2019 13:33 IST|Sakshi
Kaushal Manda

Looks like, one of Kaushal's fans has opened the Pandora's box of troubles for Telugu Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda. It appears to be a classic case of rise and fall of a celebrity. We need not tell you how popular Kaushal Manda was during his stint on Bigg Boss. He enjoyed hero worship and also managed to walk away with the crown, thanks to his army of fans who put votes in lakhs. It's worth mentioning here that Kaushal's vote count on Bigg Boss even created a record.

However, all that seems to be a thing of past now after one of his fans accused Kaushal of misusing funds meant for a cause. He said that the Kaushal Army foundation members had toiled to raise funds hoping Kaushal would adhere to his promise and use it for a good cause. However, they soon realised that the money was going elsewhere. That's when they levelled accusations against Kaushal who hit back in a media conference. But now it appears, the war is not over yet as Kaushal Manda fans have declared a virtual war against him. They have created a song as a first step towards revolt and also created a new Twitter handle in the name of Kaushal Army Victims to create awareness. Now the hashtags Kaushal Army Victims and Kaushal Army Tirugubatu are Trending On Social Media. Calls for unfollowing Kaushal too has begun, by his own fans.

Here are a look at a few interesting tweets making the rounds on social media...

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