Kaushal Army Shuts Down Over Misuse Of Funds  

6 Mar, 2019 08:55 IST|Sakshi
Kaushal Manda

Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal Manda emerged as the winner for Season-2. Post the success of the Bigg Boss, few of the directors were in a beeline to work with him. Kaushal has kept his movies on hold for a certain point of time to complete his tour of meeting his self proclaimed fans Kaushal Army. One can't deny the fact that Kaushal Army have supported him hugely by severing the people through charity. He became an overnight sensation star during his stint of the show.

After the show, we haven't seen Kaushal hanging out with Bigg Boss contestants. If you may remember, Tejaswi and Roll Rida have hosted two parties but Kaushal wasn't part of their happy moments. It was rumoured that he doesn't want to continue his friendship with them. He stated that Bigg Boss losers are jealous of him. Since the past two weeks, Kaushal has been facing several allegations about money fraud in the name of the foundation, Kaushal Army. Some of his own fans openly expressed to a TV channel that Kaushal had misused their funds which were donated towards the Kaushal Army Foundation. Kaushal attended a press conference with all proofs and blamed Tanish for destroying his career. Kaushal tried his best to clear out his name from the allegations which were made against him. The war of words or few debated didn't help him to regain the lost glory. It seems like frustrated Kaushal Manda has taken a shocking decision and decided to shut down 'Kaushal Army Foundation'. This piece of news has confirmed by Kaushal Manda through an Instagram post.

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