NTR Biopic Balayya’s Worst Political Move

26 Feb, 2019 14:28 IST|Sakshi
NTR Biopic Balayya’s Worst Political Move

Nandamuri Balakrishna seems to have goofed up in many ways with the biopic of his father and iconic actor and TDP founder, NT Rama Rao, in two parts. If Kathanayakudu bombed at the box office, Mahanayakudu did not fare any better. If TDP planned to cash in on the two movies, it couldn't have been farther from reality. Chandrababu and Balakrishna are probably left licking their wounds.

Worse, both Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu did little to present an accurate picture of NTR's life as an actor or his eventful journey in politics. If anything, viewers are left more confused with respect to many of the dimensions of NTR's life.

Box office collections of both Kathanayakudu and Mahanayakudu have been disastrous. If anything, they would have been an eye-opener to Balakrishna on what the public thinks of such biopics. If he had portrayed the human side of NTR and been more truthful with respect to some of the important events in the actor-politician's life, things

would perhaps have been different.

It is evident that Balakrishna refused to learn from Kathanayakudu and what followed in the form of Mahanayakudu was an unmitigated disaster. In the process, the image of director Krish got badly dented.

Now, the biggest worry for Nandamuri fans is Balakrishna's political career. Andhra Pradesh chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Hindupur MLA Balakrishna must have thought that making a biopic on NTR would earn them a few brownie points and translate into votes in the upcoming elections. But now, under the circumstances, and the lukewarm response to both the instalments of the movie it may not be the case. Now, it appears that making a biopic was perhaps Balayya's worst political move.

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