Kaushal Is A Money Minded Fraud: Army Of Fans

27 Feb, 2019 14:05 IST|Sakshi
Kaushal Manda

The rock star of Bigg Boss-2, actor Kaushal Manda has found himself in the news, but for the wrong reasons now. Kaushal Manda had a very successful run as a favourite in Season Two of Bigg Boss. Some of the leading members of the fan community which ran a massive campaign and helped the star get crowned in the show, Kaushal Army, have come out with serious charges against the star. They have alleged that Kaushal Manda was responsible for fraudulent actions in the name of ‘Kaushal Army foundation’. Kaushal has denied all accusations of misconduct and has termed them as baseless.

Key members Seshu, Hari, Imam, Santosh, and Vikram are believed to have powered the campaign which helped Kaushal win the title in the last season. From the time of the inception of Kaushal Army these top members of Kaushal Army, have driven a successful campaign in favour of Kaushal Manda in the reality show. They were also connected with Kaushal's charitable activities after the show got over.

In a recent TV debate recently, these members of the Kaushal campaign, accused Kaushal of breach of trust and misuse of funds in the name of ‘Kaushal Army’, as also ‘Kaushal Army foundation’.

Kaushal and his wife Neelima terminated their association, they alleged. The reason, according to them was because they sought accountability on funds used, related to the foundation.

The members in question, made some serious charges. Imam accused Kaushal of insulting him. He also alleged that Kaushal threatened to kill him because he staged a protest recently in Kurnool. Imam in his protest had demanded transparency with respect to financial transactions. Rayalseema Kaushal Fans president Hari, charged Kaushal with financial exploitation. As a businessman,he evinced interest in making a film with Kaushal and the star, he claimed, exploited him on this count.

Other members who accused Kaushal of financial impropriety include Vikram and Anusha. These members put out bank statements of the fan club and even video recordings to back their allegations.

Kaushal Manda however, is reported to have refuted all the charges against him. Kaushal is said to have clarified that some of the expelled members were done so because of their misconduct towards women. Kaushal saw a conspiracy behind the allegations.

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