If Nayantara Stays Single, Will She Become Chief Minister?

13 Oct, 2018 17:31 IST|Sakshi
A still of actress Nayanthara

This is straight from the sets of Kollywood. Before Nanum Rowdy Dhan, Maya was a commercial actress. It was during that time she got herself into some controversies. Most prominent among them was tagging her with Co-actor Simbu. GT Nandu, a director told few interesting stories in one of his recent TV interviews. He tried making a film with Simbu with the title Kettavan, but could not succeed.

“Simbu first declined the movie, so I went to Bhupati Pandiyan to see if he can put a word with Dhanush that there is a story for him. But Simbu came back after few days and we started shooting for the movie. Later he came to know that I was in talks with Dhanush for the movie and he got furious and dropped out of the movie as a whole,” says the ace director.

There is a lot of gossip about their break up. There’s one interesting nugget from the grapevine, according to him. A fortune-teller in Pillair Kovil street of Tripilcane, reportedly had his own take which he told a close aide of Simbu who met him regarding their relationship, after studying their horoscopes. Outlandish as it may sound, he is supposed to have said that, if Nayanthara gets married, she could be at the receiving end of things. Now comes the kicker in the prognosis—if she stays single, she could end up becoming chief minister! You read that right. Not that the actress is so naive as to leave everything to the stars as seen by one astrologer at that.

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